Priore and Rife

Antoine Priore worked in France and made history by proving plasma cured nearly every ill he could try it on. Royal Rife did very similar work in San Diego CA in the 30s. 

Priore lived in France and worked in the 1960s and 70s as an engineer. He created a gigantic glass tube filled with plasma to produce what are now known as longitudinal scalar waves. His projects were funded by the French Government in the amount of several millions of dollars (in today’s equivalent).

The Priore team did a large amount of work to cure terminal tumors, trypanosomias, and other dread diseases in laboratory animals in France under rigorous scientific protocols by eminent scientists. The Priore machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960.

Supporters and financiers of the Prioré machine included:

The Prime Minister of France – Jacques Chaban-Delmas
The World Health Organization.
Robert Courrier – permanent secretary of the French Academy of Sciences
Professor Raymond Pautrizel – France’s leading Professor of Immunology & Parasitology
The D.G.R.S.T. – France’s top government scientific agency, headed by an M.I.T. trained physicist
Professor André Lwoff – the 1965 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine
The French military
Members of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bordeaux
Cancerologists at the Villejuif Institute for Cancer Research
A Ph.D. was even awarded by the University of Bordeaux in 1984 for a thesis on the research (to Eric Perisse).
In 1974, a change of local government lost Prioré his government supporters, his support and funding were lost, and subsequent attempts to restore his technology into the public domain were viciously suppressed.

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